Work From Home: Business Foundation Part 11

Work From home business foundation is customers! If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. The biggest challenge any work at home entrepreneur will face is finding enough customers to create a continuous residual income. Most business builders don’t appreciate the value of customers and often spend their time looking for business builders.

Work from home business builders often start out working part time to supplement an existing income from a regular job. Having extra income coming in, that can be generated from home is very appealing to people struggling to make ends meet. Online business is an affordable alternative to other more costly ventures to work from home.

The most important business building activity is getting a large enough customer foundation for your work from home business. Although this sounds easy, it is probably the biggest challenge every entrepreneur will face. Google to find a business online with a credible company, great products and low start up costs is relatively easy. Many companies see the value of having a work at home force who will put in long hours and essentially work for free until product is sold.

Work from Home business builders, who choose an affiliate program, are required to purchase product every month to stay active and earn money. This ensures that product is sold every month and is very good for the parent company. There is a lot of information, incentive and support to recruit members who want to build their own work at home business. Unfortunately, there is very little support or help to find those people who just want to use your product and be a customer for you.

Most affiliate companies focus on recruiting people who want to build a work at home business and leave it up to the distributors or independent representatives to find ways to increase their customer base. Most compensation plans and bonuses are built on distributors not customers.This creates an organization of business builders, focused on finding other business builders. Everyone is focused on building their work from home business with other distributors. You end up with an organization of business builders, a small percentage of customers and only a very chosen few distributors who make money in their work at home business.

There is a new paradigm for building your work at home business. The internet and online marketers of yesterday are tired of all the hype and broken promises. Online marketing still offers the next best hope for average people to create that dream income with a work at home business. Get past the smoke and mirrors and forget about any get rich quick ideas you may have. There is not get rich quick! If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and work with a team committed to pool their talents you can create a successful work from home business.

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