Work At Home: Entrepreneur Dream Part 1

To be able to Work At Home is the dream of both online and offline entrepreneurs. To have a substantial income, time freedom and more time with family and friends while you work at home is also part of that dream. All too often people get caught up in the dream and forget the the reality. Regardless of the way you chose to build work at home business, online or offline, the key word will always be WORK at home.

Personally, I want to work at home, with an online business with integrity. That is a lofty goal indeed. I have been working online for many years and have definitely come across some great companies. The one area that all have fallen short in my expectations is support. Company support is often the best part of any business, but when you get right down to it, company support is focused on keeping their business integral by providing policies and procedures.

A Google search has hundres of companies that are turning to online marketing to move their products to the end consumer or customer. Having independent representatives or distributors can actually increase a company’s bottom line. Having a work force that works for free and only gets paid when they move product by recruiting other distributors or representatives.

That’s right, aspiring business builders are required to purchase product. Although Work At Home business builders are encouraged to sell the product to customers, the biggest benefit is in getting business builders who will purchase a required amount of product every month. So, essentially, you end up with a base of people wanting to build a business and very little else.

Good for the company, but not so great for the person trying to build a work at home business. If you are one of those people purchasing product that you don’t really want or need, just because you want to Work At Home business, how long will you continue to purchase those products if you are not making any money? Not long I am sure. Have a look at a business that is focussed on customers, the backbone of any company, Tri Power Team.

Paulette Sherb


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