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Are you worn out from the daily commute of 1 hour each way to work? Are you looking for real changes in your life? So why work from home anyway?

Looking back on human history people have been working from home since the beginning of time. It has only been during the 20th century that major social changes became increasingly removed the idea of working from home. Even the stay at home mom whose life focused exclusively on her family is a rather recent invention. Throughout history much work was home based being built around farming and mom and pop shops. Women not only cared for her family but helped out with the family business or even many times had their own Home Based Business.

As an American woman looking back on the influence of women in the work force on thinks of Susan B. Anthony and the Womens Rights Movement. Often it has been the lives and accomplishments of lesser known women who worked on farms, in factories, as servants, secretaries, educators, and professionals that illustrate the true advancement of womens rights in America. Throughout history women have worked on farms. Family farms gradually gave way to manufacturing systems that depended on labor.

Women took advantage of this demand for labor by going to work in factories for wages. Women factory workers actually played an important role in labor rights for all. Women who were fortunate enough to have a comfortable life style at home often served in their local communities in churches and charities in helping others working and donating services and time. Many less fortunate women served as domestic servants making salaries that were no more that women factory workers.

Teaching has always been primarily dominated by women who have always served as the primary educators of children. Even in the earliest days of America the public viewed teaching an acceptable profession for women. As it because more acceptable and common for women to have a quality education women gradually began to enter the white collar work force. Many women also sought jobs with telephone companies or became secretaries. There has been a big shift since the 60s with women seeking employment outside the home and with that many women advancing to executive positions with large corporations. The advancement of womens rights has come a long way and women may now pretty much choose and pursue any profession they like.

So why are we back to the question of work from home? For many women who for years worked hard to be respected as equals in our American work force, why are they again looking to the home for meaningful employment. Actually in todays world and economy this is a question that men as well as women are asking. One of the main reasons working from home in todays world is becoming so popular is because it is so accessible with the internet. Why go through all the hassle when you never even need to leave the house to earn a living. This sounds like a winner to me.

Here are some of the top reasons for working from home.

1. Be your own Boss

2. Set your own Hours

3. Income Virtually Unlimited, Financially Free

4. Computer Skills and a Telephone is all that is really needed

5. Work from Anywhere at Anytime

6. Eliminate rising commuter costs

7. Spend more time with family, no daycare costs

8. Work at Your Own Pace

9. Live the Life You Want

10. Simply Put. Be Yourself, Your Own Way at Your Own Pace

That to me sounds like the best work idea of all!

Now what should one do for a work from home business? Needless to say there are thousands of them to choose from. Personally, I have been involved in a few in the past couple of years. I have run into one common problem that seems to be giving many home business owners a bit of a headache and even has brought failure to many; that problem being getting customers.

You will hear it time and time again to buy leads for your Home Business. So I did, only to find out the majority of them were not people who were interested in what I had to offer. Well that was not putting very much money in my bank account. Then a friend of mine introduced me to a great but different idea. He simply told me BUY CUSTOMERS AND NOT LEADS.

Initially, I wondered how this was going to work to help me be successful, but after checking out It’s Good Business at it all made sense. Check it out for yourself.

Its Good Business

Carole von Hedemann

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