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Are you searching for a genuine Work at Home job? Join the club. There are thousands of people searching on a daily basis for that Work at Home opportunity that will free them from the stresses and strains of working 9 to 5 in a job that is unfulfilling and often stressful and mundane. Whatever your reasons, a genuine Work at Home job can offer you the opportunity to live a life that offers you the freedom you so desire.

So many people in this day and age are struggling to make ends meet and with the continuing rising gas and electricity prices it is not so easy to manage. Making the lifestyle changes necessary to free themselves from the rat race needs careful thought and rigorous planning. It is often advisable to work towards setting up your Work at Home job in the evening and weekends over a period of time until you have built it up sufficiently to replace your normal day job.

Searching for a genuine Work at Home job can be harder than you think. Genuine being the optimal word. Out of all the Work at Home Jobs out there, it is very difficult to ascertain which of them are truly genuine? How many of them will take your money and offer little in return? How many of them will offer their full support and then are nowhere to be found? How many are simply set up to scam you? And more importantly how can you discern the difference between those opportunities that are to be avoided and genuine Work at Home job that you are searching for?

Unfortunately there isn’t an easy answer. It would appear that almost everyone I have come across has been involved in least one scam and lost several hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Those who are ultimately successful in finding a genuine Work at Home job are those who are not easily deterred, and can pick themselves up when the going gets tough and show the determination needed to succeed. It is important that you have what it takes to show this sort of resolve, to ascertain if this sort of work is for you??

It is possible to find many seemingly genuine Work At Home Jobs that offer a small salary in return for certain tasks being completed. Basically these jobs entail gathering, entering and confirming customer information, answering customer questions, resolving issues, providing customer care, taking part in live online chats, responding to emails, and handling sales calls with customers. Although this sort of work is unlikely to be highly paid it may offer more job security for those who are not willing to take on a more speculative option.

Some companies hire employees specifically to work from their homes. They offer positions where you are given an agreed territory to work within, for example you might work for an insurance company or a company that sells consumer products. This may entail spending some time on the road and some time working in your home office. There are many other similar quite genuine Work at Home jobs that in most instances are part-time, commission-based, or you are paid a lump sum when the project has been satisfactorily completed.

Although these are generally very genuine Work at Home Jobs you need to be prepared to travel occasionally and feel happy with a commission based payment system

You will also find many genuine Work at Home jobs online. But beware, this is the most likely place for you to find yourself victim to those who are only too eager to take your money and offer you very little in return. They offer what can appear to be a very genuine opportunity especially to the na├»ve newbie. You very soon realize that a significant piece of the jigsaw missing and you are unable to find a way of completing it successfully. It is probably advisable to put that one down to experience and ensure that you don’t follow the normal route of falling for the next scam.

But don’t get downhearted, there really are lots of genuine Work At Home Jobs available, you just need to do your research. Don’t be gullible. Treat every opportunity with caution and remember to do your research on Google for all the information you can find about the opportunity and the people who are behind it. Very few people will get away with being regular scammers, as those who have been scammed are only to willing to blog about their experience or post in forums to warn other unsuspecting victims. This information can often be found on page one of Google

Free training online is relatively easy to find if you look in the right places. This may require you to do work that initially doesn’t bring a monetary reward, but it will inevitably put you in touch with many other likeminded people who can help you on your journey. If you really want to find the genuine Work at Home job that you are happy with then with determination and hard work it is possible to find it.

Janet Matthews

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