Work At Home Business Tips: Explode Your Orders

This is another article in my ongoing series about increasing sales
for your work at home business. Here are 10 more useful tips:

1. Persuade visitors to link to your work at home business website.
Give them a freebie in exchange for them linking to your website. It
could be content, software, etc.

2. Link to websites that provide useful information or services for
your visitors. If you have many useful links on your site, they may
make it their start page.

3. Spice up your website’s wording using plenty of adjectives. It
gives your visitors a clearer vision of what you are explaining or
describing to them.

4. Don’t make your banner ads look like ads. Most people ignore banner
ads. Design them to look like content and have them click to read the

5. Join affiliate programs that are related to the theme of your work
at home business website. You’ll just be wasting valuable space and
time if your visitors aren’t interested in them.

6. Market your website as a free club instead of a website. This will
increase your repeat visitors and sales, because people enjoy
belonging to groups.

7. Interact with your online customers on a regular basis. This will
show them you care about them. You could use a chat room, forum or
message system.

8. Check your website links regularly to make sure they still work.
After people click on one link, and it doesn’t work, they usually
won’t risk wasting their time clicking on another one.

9. Give visitors a positive experience when they’re at your website.
Provide them with original content and free stuff. They’ll tell all of
their friends about it.

10. Share customers with other businesses that have the same target
audience. Offer their product to your customers if, in exchange, they
do the same for you.

Watch for more articles in this series. I will be sharing more tips
to improve your work at home business.

Bill Brine-Lead Generation Master

Phone: 902.667.0798

Skype: billbrine

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