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Working from home, work at home, home worker call it whatever you like but it is not new. I actually got to thinking how did people in years gone by make that extra cash for the necessities for their families when it was taboo for women to go out to work, it was pretty hard for dad to make extra. After all they still needed to supplement the family income more so in those days than today given the average size of a family then.

They certainly didn’t have computers available as we now have, which to a large degree is the tool that enables us to work at home.

So how did they manage to Work At Home especially being considered as unemployable? Back in the 1500’s it was rarely acceptable for women to go out to work like their modern day counterparts. Possibly about the only occupation for a woman was to become a domestic worker and that posed problems for the married woman with children of her own to tend to. Once I got into this thought process I decided to do some investigation into how and what women did to enable them to work at home. I found a record showing that in January 1811 Mrs and the Misses Adams opened a school for children working and running the school from home. They certainly were not alone many other enterprising women ran similar types of schools working from their homes.

Can you just imagine opening a school at home in this day and age! Wow you would need degrees of all kinds, then would need to have a battery of lawyers checking every possible angle so that you would not be held libel for one thing or another let alone having the health authorities checking out this and that. By the time you were ready to open, if you ever got permission, you probably would have no money left to purchase furniture and materials. Yes, you could probably open a small school to say give individual lessons for music or crafts but a whole school? Not likely!

Somehow I think in the 20th century that work at home idea would not work.

Although most women had very little education a lot turned to writing. In 1843 Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe began her career writing at home and she was best known for her famous novel Uncle Toms Cabin. Many other women followed the same route. From 1886 onwards woman were getting such work at home jobs like making artificial flowers, paper box making, shoe fitting, umbrella making, hoop making for petticoats, painting toys, making covers for books, fur sewers, adding trims to ladies hats, making envelopes, wrapping candies, trimming men’s hats.

They were paid a certain amount per item completed, subject to the requirements of the person who gave out the work. This was generally known as piece work. Really laborious work at home occupations but I am sure that it paid for many extras.

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