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So, you are considering taking the big step and starting your own home based business. You will certainly enjoy the benefits that are available when you work at home. A major concern for you will be motivation. You may think that there will be no problem staying motivated. After all you get up each day to go to work now. You don’t need much motivation to do that, because if you didn’t you would get fired! If you work from home and decide not to work, who fires you? You’re the boss (or maybe your spouse is, and that is plenty of motivation!). Many people who start a home based business are connected to an MLM company. They actually start a business on a part-time basis with the dream of becoming rich. Well, that’s what they have been told. Not many people reach financial independence working part-time at an MLM business. However, people seem to think that it will happen. Maybe it will if you are lucky. If you are going to operate a home based business you have to be serious about it. You can reach financial independence if you take it seriously. And taking it seriously means staying focused and staying motivated.

One way to help you stay motivated and focused on your home based business is to keep your reason, or reasons, for starting the business constantly in front of you. This will hep you in your efforts to succeed as you work at home. You will have many distractions that you may feel have to be dealt with at once. These distractions that have nothing to do with your business should be put on the back burner. They will still be there later on on the day. Write down your reasons for getting into business. Have them taped in your office. Look at them when things aren’t going so well. Write them on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet. When your out of the “office” look at them. It will jog your memory as to why you chose to work at home. This may seem like a simple procedure, and it is, but it is also very powerful. Whatever your reasons may be, if you give them plenty of think time it helps you stay motivated and working towards reaching your goals.

This leads to another motivator that will help you work at home. Goal setting. This is extremely important, not only for business, but for your personal life as well. Setting goals is telling yourself what you want and then finding the way to achieve it. One mistake that many people make when setting goals is that they fail to write them down. Again, this sounds too simple. And it is. But if you don’t do it, believe me you will soon forget your goals. Oh, they will be in the back of your mind and you will think of them once in awhile. But will you be working towards them? No, you won’t. If you don’t write your goals down then simply forget about reaching them. Why write them down? Because it simply gives you a visual, concrete, tangible item to keep you focused. Nothing more.

Another mistake that people make when setting goals is that they make them unattainable. You can reach for the stars but you have to be realistic. There is no purpose in setting a goal if you cannot realistically reach it. It makes no sense. You certainly have to challenge yourself but be realistic. Also, have short term goals and long term goals. The short term goals are small and easier to achieve, And when you achieve a goal it give you a sense of accomplishment. You know that you have completed something that you said you would. And every short term goal should lead to the achievement of your long term goals. If you plan to work at home be sure that you put down your goals on paper. You’ll be amazed at the things that will begin to happen in your life that will lead you down the road to reaching your goals.

Another strong motivator for those who plan to work at home is to write down your accomplishments. Once again this sounds too simple. So simple that many people just don’t do it. At the end of each day sit down for a few minutes and write down what you managed to complete that day. By seeing it on a piece of paper you will feel good about yourself. You are actually getting things done. Again, a sense of accomplishment. And write down all the things you were able to get done. You may surprise yourself by what you actually do get done. And it all leads to success. More and more people work at home and achieve their goals. They are in control of their lives and using a few simple tactics that we have discussed helps them stay motivated. A motivated and focused person reaches their goals. The benefits can be very rewarding when you work at home.

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