Work at Home Jobs for the Disabled

We are blessed to be living in the time when more people are finding advantages to work at home opportunities. Most often that means some type of computer work, Some People look for work at home jobs for the disabled, and for those that are not disabled and with that it’s easy to develop habits that are not so good for our body. I remind myself that comfortable income isn’t worth squat if I let my body go downhill. Did you know more LNI claims are from computer injuries than anything else now. So listen up!

Here are a few quick tips for both disabled/handicapped individuals and non-disabled:

Make sure your workstation for your work at home business is suited for your body. Google for ergonomics for PC will bring you a wealth of information on how to set up the chair, desk, etc. For example: Screen should be tilted back about 10% to 20% and placed 20 to 40 inches from your eyes. Lean monitor back slightly and adjust for glare. Your back should be straight and shoulders comfortable, wrists at a flat level. Your window should be at the side of the computer, not above or behind. Fix the table at 25 to 29 inches high. Wrists flat and support for your arms, NO twisting or leaning to reach for things, especially if repetitive. There are many more specifics available when you Google search for Pc ergonomics.

Now what about how you sit at your computer desk. But how we are sitting can affect your work at home business. Stretch frequently throughtout the day to give yourself a break. You can use a manual timer or set it up on your PC for every hour or so to do some slow stretches, a few yoga positions remembering my shoulders and neck. Touch those old toes and then back to work. The second timer is labeled DRINK to remind me to eat (healthy not junk) and drink fluids (water, tea, juices, etc.), it is so easy to not take good care of myself when I get engrossed with a project – easy to stick my head up, see it’s 2:30 pm and realized I’ve not gotten out of my chair or had breakfast or fluids. NOT a good long term plan to stay healthy in your work at home environment.

Work at home is great, 2 minute commute to anywhere in my home. Love it but I can forget when the next conference call, webcast or some task needs done so I use a 3rd time and label it TO DO? These three trainers have really helped me. I always keep my water bottle there at the computer and have made a point of not turning into a coffee hound. A little dish of almonds and pumpkin seeds for my brain and I’m good to go. Work at home really works for me. Hope it does for you too. work at home jobs for the disabled and the abled bodied are available, either way take care of your bodies so they can take care of you.

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